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October 24, 2009

In this life many a times people will pass by, will get friendly with you, and as life demands finally depart. Few people will be special to you and few will say that you are special to them.

What does being “Special” mean? Does special mean that they enjoy your company, love to hang around with you and give you special importance among all other friends? Or does being special to someone mean that you will be the most important person in their life, and for you they can leave any kind of relations behind.

Well, latter is, i guess, can never be true, because that’s not what being special mean. There are always more important persons in life of others than you. And if any one of you wants to say that this can happen only in case of True Love then i will say that True Love does not exist at all. Anyways, again what is True Love? Is it my second definition of being special? I believe that True Love is just bullshit, and are just ways to feel good and let others think that they are special to you.

If in your life you will have to sacrifice everything for someone who is not part of your family and who you claim to share True Love with and who you claim to be the special person in your life, i am sure no one is going to do that. No one is going to leave everything for a person who they know for few months, or few years. No one can bring the relations of lifetimes may be with their families and friends at stake.

And still people dare to say that they love you the most and do anything for you, but when they have to do something they get weak and cannot do what they always used to say. Even if they ask you to tell them something they can do for you so that they can prove their love for you, and if you let them know this is what you want them to do, then still they will make a choice based on their own judgment of right or wrong and if they think it’s right according to them, then only they will do. What does this mean? If they are ready to do anything for you, and if they wanted you to decide what you want, then why can’t they do it for you, if they really love you? Still they won’t do, and still they have the courage of lying on your face and say “i can’t be with you but i still Love you Forever”.

No one is special for anyone, and if someone has to say that they can’t live without you then again it’s a fucking bullshit lie. The species of Homo sapiens can live alone, or with any other person in their life, which may be not the same person who he/she used to say is the most important in their life and he/she can’t live without her/him. It just proves one thing, there is no Love, and it’s just how you have to survive in this life. And if you still think there is Love then surely Love can be shared with any person in this life with whom you think you can survive, and do not ruin your long lasting relations, no matter you think that this person is special for you or not. Even, if you do not feel anything, you will have to say “LOVE YOU FOREVER“.


  • Comment by Varsha — October 25, 2009 @ 7:05 pm

    Love is an internal feeling , it cannot be expressed all times and it cannot be measured at anytime
    Everyone has thier own defination of love
    Love i feel should be unconditional, it is not meant to leave everything for a person you love but making that person everything for u
    Love is trust you have on somebody,its a belief, repect you have for each other
    Love is a passion, its an inspiration
    If you are not getting any of these feelings then you are not in love
    I feel love is gods gift ( for the people who believe in god ) it all depends on how much you value it

    n i say true love does exists in this world

  • Comment by pApA r0a(h — October 25, 2009 @ 9:57 pm

    Love according to me is a result of selfish needs. Each for of so called “Love” has originated due to some internal need of ours. Be it love within the family, within relations or anywhere else.

    People get together, start liking each other, start “loving” each other, problems crop up, the “love” converts to something less beautiful, u find someone else more “lovable”, you find strong reasons to leave the person you used to “love” and then the same cycle starts with someone else all over again.

    No matter how much the advocates of “the theory of love” scream, the truth remains that is one more form of keeping ourselves content and happy as we did when we created “God”.

  • Comment by Neetu — October 26, 2009 @ 4:05 pm

    You are right when you say that everybody have priorities in their life. It is not right for us to decide how important we should be in their life. As it is upto an individual to make or break relationships. It is upto us to maintain a healthy relation with our pals.

    Love is being selfless. If it reciprocates, thats your stuff ;). If you try to prove that love exist you never know when it exits. You need to trust a person to love a person. If you cannot trust then you cannot love.

    When love turns into a relationship, may it be a boyfrnd-girlfrnd/husband-wife.. there comes expectations which need to be handled for a smooth sail. It is the responsibility of both the individuals in a relationship to retain the trust and love between them. If these are lost.. your relationship turns like a broken glass, you can mend it but it can never be like before.

  • Comment by Stranger — October 30, 2009 @ 10:20 am

    Interesting article, True we come across so many ppl in life.Few of them become friends and few remain acquaintance and very few stay special.Some or the other day there cud be a possibility of separation.It hurts for a while and you learn to live without those spl someones.And as you move forward you make new friends/relations, this time expecting/hoping not to repeat whtever wrong happen with the past relation, but history repeats.Thats the beauty of life, it allows you to experience pain to let you know the value of happiness.How wud u meet new ppl if the old ones doesnt leave.Many endings are indeed new beginings…

    And abt True love, love itself is truth.And if it is not u can call it with many names such as infatuation, attraction,lust goes on.Why are you in love with him/her? bcos she/he is good looking or rich or talkative or romantic or caring? Many a times the answer is we really dont know.Being special to someone.This “Special” term is often misused or misunderstood.I love my mom and if any other lady shows me the same kind of affection, i wud say she is spl as my mom,tht doesnt reduce my love towards mom or my moms towards me.You can apply this to any relation as long as it is not physical.Physical relations always require your presence and emotional one can exist even in ur absence.

    If a person claims to do any thing for you,you shud also do anything for him/her vice versa.If they have decided to go away let them, thts wht love does right? If someone says they can not live with out you, means they are just not the same anymore without U.The person whoever is going far from you is equally hurt.And wht such spl ppl leave behind is memories, and in future when you look back you will feel good abt them.Its always an amazing feeling being spl to someone at some stage of life.If love can be shared by anybody with the same levels I wud have fell in love with ever other girl I met,in such case it wud be only biological tendency not emotional one.You need air,water,food to survive but you need love to live.So it
    is not abt survival my friend it is abt living.

    And now the choice is urs, SURVIVE or LIVE

  • Comment by cooldivay — June 25, 2010 @ 8:10 pm

    My views on love :


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