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    The very first thing you will notice about me is that i am a FREAK. I am the person who just hates eveything and everyone around. The only thing i love is HATRED. I just love to HATE and to be HATED.

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    Bones and blood lie on the ground, Rotten limbs lie dead, Decapitated bodies found On my wall, your head!
    Modulistic terror, A vast sadistic feast, No emotion, Your flesh is all I need
    You have no choice of life or death My face you will not see, I'll rip your flesh 'till there's no breath, Dismembered destiny, As soon as life has left your corpse. I'll make you part of me

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April 6, 2009

Again, i am feeling the same shit. I feel like smashing everything i can find, i feel like breaking everythin i can see, i feel like shattering everythin i can feel; i m feeling so frustrated right now that i am not able to figure out what should i do.

I think i can never come out of this world, the world full of sadness, misery and insanity. I am not able to decide whether i love anyone or not. I am not able to decide whether i hate everyone or not. But one thing i know is that i want to do something destructive to let go off the frustrations that i am feeling right now.

Or maybe i should start practicing what i normally preach: “Just think about yourself, and don’t give a fuck what others do, think and feel.” Or should i hide my frustrations within myself with a fucking smile on my face. Decision must be made, because the frustrations that i am having right now are frustrating me at their peak.

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  • Comment by donna — June 15, 2009 @ 12:56 pm

    Who dosn’t have fustration at least you know were to vent it. Throwing book braking things thats a was of expresson you can’t be one to just put on a fake smile and just think life is normal cause if you real think about it what is normal defind it.

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