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    The very first thing you will notice about me is that i am a FREAK. I am the person who just hates eveything and everyone around. The only thing i love is HATRED. I just love to HATE and to be HATED.

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    Bones and blood lie on the ground, Rotten limbs lie dead, Decapitated bodies found On my wall, your head!
    Modulistic terror, A vast sadistic feast, No emotion, Your flesh is all I need
    You have no choice of life or death My face you will not see, I'll rip your flesh 'till there's no breath, Dismembered destiny, As soon as life has left your corpse. I'll make you part of me

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January 21, 2009

I am living with guilt. The guilt of committing a murder. No, it’s not a human being who i have murdered, nor it is an animal, insect, bird or any other living being. I have murdered a feeling, a relationship, a mutual respect; i have murdered a true friendship.

I am the one who always say that i can do anything for my friends and my friends are the most important people in my life. But i have proved myself wrong. I am the one who always used to think and say that a true friendship is far superior to a true love, because a true friendship has lot of different things in it; the feeling of love, feeling of joy and fun, feeling of being secure, feeling of caring and being cared, feeling of importance and feeling of friendship itself, they all constitute a true friendship. But i have screwed it all. I have gone against my own ethics and chose something else rather than choosing my friendship.

I do not want to end my friendship with my true friends ever, but after what i have done, i know i will not be forgiven, and nothing can be same as before. May be we will keep on saying that we are still great friends but i know i won’t be accepted as the same old friend. I have murdered a precious friendship and i do not know how i am getting away with that. I do not want to get away from this crime i committed and i want to be punished for that, or maybe i am being punished by suffering one of the biggest loss i ever suffered.

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