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    The very first thing you will notice about me is that i am a FREAK. I am the person who just hates eveything and everyone around. The only thing i love is HATRED. I just love to HATE and to be HATED.

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    Bones and blood lie on the ground, Rotten limbs lie dead, Decapitated bodies found On my wall, your head!
    Modulistic terror, A vast sadistic feast, No emotion, Your flesh is all I need
    You have no choice of life or death My face you will not see, I'll rip your flesh 'till there's no breath, Dismembered destiny, As soon as life has left your corpse. I'll make you part of me

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January 16, 2009

When you will die, you will not take anything with you, not your money, your relatives and your friends. Wise men, thus, suggest not worrying about materialistic things that won’t be with you forever. But, if we are not taking even our friends and relatives with us then why should we worry for them.

Just as money and other materialistic things will not be with us forever and will not follow us, even our friends cannot be with us forever. Those who say that they are with us forever are liars. Forget about the day when you will die, they cannot be with you forever even when you are alive.

I am eating all this shit right now, i cannot swallow that i can’t be with my dear friends forever, and i cannot digest that i am not the first in mind of those who mean everything to me. I know i have to live with this, i have to accept this truth and i know i will, this is what i have been doing all my life. Accepting my losses and letting everything go away.

I do not wish to take everything with me when i die, but i wish i would have someone with me forever, until the time i die. But it’s THE UNDISPUTABLE TRUTH that no one can be with you forever; but  it would have better if we at least tried.

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  • Comment by Naveen — January 16, 2009 @ 11:32 am

    Ah! Thoughtful …

    When you die, you will not take anything with you..that means you will leave it behind?

    The money, material etc will not feel your absense but friend and family do and when you are not around but someone stills cares .. that means that you have touched hearts and lived a life. We are social beings not material and we might not take evrything with us, but it matters what you leave behind!

    A friend can lend you 100 bucks to get you out of trouble but the friend who sheds a tear to find you in trobule is priceless!

    You said that you want to live with someone till you die but how about having your presence felt even when you have passed away? We do that with building love, security, trust and respect for us in others and that is what makes us different from animals :)

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